Patients and Health Care Industries Gain Benefits from Siteimprove Web Governance Solutions, Boosting Patient Satisfaction and Reducing Costs

The British National Health Services (NHS) budgets are extremely tight, a shift from labor intensive personal contact to online self-service is fundamental. Siteimprove assists in identifying website errors and enhancing the patient online journey promoting a profitable channel shift from labor intensive contact to online self-service and boosting patient satisfaction.

London, United Kingdom, September 10, 2011 --( Health care organizations are stretching budgets and being scrutinizing over where to spend, while ensuring patients are receiving proper care. Regardless of prevalent economic road blocks, the focus in health care is to decrease spending and increase patient satisfaction. That’s where Siteimprove prevails in showcasing their leading automated website check strategy, specifically to the NHS website in the UK. Siteimprove is the frontrunner for automated website content monitoring solutions from accessibility compliance to website integrity and quality. Siteimprove compiled data from their many website strategy solutions called SiteCheck. The report gathered information from 50 NHS acute trusts websites. Siteimprove saw an average of 63 broken links and 60 misspellings. The report pinpoints these errors because they could be in direct correlation of an ineffective channel shift. As the public relies heavily on the web to gather information and channel shift to a more effective website, the health care industry will start to see a rise in patient satisfaction while reducing phone and face-to-face enquires. Researched by the Department of Health statistically with 370 million patient public contacts a year within the NHS, a 1% shift in contact can save £400 million. “SiteCheck took away a lot of manual labor and pinpointed errors… made the fixing process extremely efficient.” stated Steve Goodall, Information Officer at Rugby Borough Council. Opportunities can soar when health care organizations repair errors and enhance the patient journey as they have access to the website 24/7 and can find information at their convenience. According to the Office for National Statistics Report, Internet Access 2010, states, 73% of the UK households having access to the web and 60% of these households use the web daily. This increases success for a streamlined and effective channel shift in the health care industry.

Surprisingly, only 13% of patients prefer face-to-face contact, according to The Department of Health. Improving websites by using monitoring solutions such as SiteCheck can only increase benefits for the patients. Self-service of information and reduction of phone and face-to-face contact will allow NHS and other health care organizations to expand budget spending and ultimately, provide the most advance medical services to the public. To read the full report, please visit:

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Siteimprove office in London, England has been in operation since 2003 providing website monitoring solutions to Europe and Asia currently working with more than 300 public sector organizations. The company has over 1,200 subscribers world-wide, among the clients are: universities, government departments, private and public sector, and hospitals. Their cloud based specializes in website governance, namely the field of web analytics, internal site search, content quality assurance, website monitoring, and search engine optimization. Health care organizations hold a vast majority of information on the web and they utilise the easy to use solutions that Siteimprove provides as a cost effective strategy to maintain and monitor their websites. Web teams of any organization, one or several hundred web editors, can access the effective tools to ensure having quality websites. Siteimprove prides themselves on excellent client service with each client receiving a dedicated account manager for ongoing training webinars and showcasing latest features.

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