Taking a Long-Term Approach to Employee Development is Crucial to an Organization's Future Success Believes the Beacon Group

Toronto, Canada, September 11, 2011 --(PR.com)-- September is often associated with “back to school” and it is often the time many organizations begin planning their Leadership Development initiatives for the coming calendar year. The problem is, many organizations are still utilizing an outdated approach to employee development argues Kyle Couch, Vice-President – Talent and Organizational Development, at The Beacon Group, a Toronto-based professional services firm.

“The truth is, most training programs tend to focus on ‘right-here-right-now’ topics, which don’t help the organization and its people in the longer-term.”

In a recently published white paper entitled “Long-term Employee Development,” Mr. Couch notes that how for years the sporting world has used a road map approach for developing athletes from an introductory level, through to international competition. Each stage of these Long-term Athlete Development programs is clearly laid out, with milestones and training requirements. Mr. Couch feels that it is time for the business community to move to this type of approach.

“Athletic coaches prepare their athletes to be at their peak performance for the next phase of competition,” explains Mr. Couch. “However, when you look inside most organizations, you find the opposite approach. Employees are promoted, and then trained after the fact on how to perform in their new role. This wastes time, money, and energy.”

A Long-term Employee Development program is the evolution of an organization’s Succession Planning and Leadership Development Programs. The goal is to position the organization in a way that helps them thrive in their industry despite an uncertain and ever changing future.

In the paper, Mr. Couch explains which concepts and steps an organization must consider before bringing a Long-term Employee Development Program to their organization. In short, developing a Long-term Employee Development program can have a significant impact on the future success of any organization.

To read the full paper, please go to www.thebeacongroup.ca.

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