New Duke Student Start-up Launches

Duke students launch a site that will revolutionize online shopping.

Durham, NC, July 19, 2007 --(, a start-up company founded and run by Duke University undergraduates, announced the official launch of its website Sunday, calling the new service “the consumer revolution.”

The site features a new design layout and provides information for the first time about what the website will offer to consumers when it is ready for the public to use in the coming months.

The site promises to “revolutionize online shopping” and will also use never before seen technologies to reduce spam and to allow users to track what they buy from online retailers. is now in closed beta testing. Once the closed beta testing is over, the website will open registration to all Internet users and will be free of charge.

The website’s founder, Taylor Mingos, and others have been working hard over the past several months to make their idea for a novel web 2.0 application into a reality. “From the beginning, we know we had a great idea, and we’re just really happy to have reached our first major milestone,” Mingos said. “The whole team is really excited.”

Although the website is not open to the public yet, many interested visitors have signed up to be invited to register when the site fully launches. Though many people are interested now, team members said that the excitement will only build from this point as more and more information is revealed over time.

The month-old blog provides more information about how the company has evolved since its inception in 2006.

Dan Englander