The Whiskey Place Promotes Deals on Grey Goose Vodka and Jack Daniels Whiskey is offering deals on Grey Goose vodka and Jack Daniels whiskey, two top-shelf liquors, for a limited time.

Brooklyn, NY, September 11, 2011 --( Premium liquor seller The Whiskey Place, available online at, is promoting its limited-time discounts on Jack Daniels whiskey and Grey Goose vodka, two popular and accessible brands.

"We're excited to showcase our range to shoppers who may know us only for our single malt scotch whiskey. With bargains on everything from Grey Goose vodka to authentic Jack Daniels whiskey, The Whiskey Place caters to liquor shoppers of all kinds," said Mr. Zimmerman, CEO of The Whiskey Place.

Jack Daniels is one of the most widely consumed whiskeys in the world. Right now at The Whiskey Place, the Jack Daniels Single Barrel 7 Year Old is on sale at $47.49 for a 750ML bottle. This specialty bourbon is smooth and warming, with tender notes of oak and vanilla. It makes a great gift, to one’s father-in-law or oneself.

Jack Daniels whiskey is a sour mash Tennessee whiskey, also classified as a bourbon. Bourbon is made from corn and is distilled in new charred oak barrels, which, after their time in the U.S., are sent to Scotland to age some of the world’s best scotch whiskey.

Mr. Zimmerman, CEO of The Whiskey Place, notes that Jack Daniels whiskey is an American classic. “Despite state-wide and national prohibitions, Jack Daniels whiskey has remained popular for more than a century. We at The Whiskey Place are proud to offer so many different varieties at such low prices.”

Grey Goose vodka is a premium vodka distilled from French wheat. In the Vodka Belt, the countries near and around Russia, vodka is often drunk neat, although the liquor is also essential to many cocktails, such as the Screwdriver, the vodka tonic, the White Russian and the Bloody Mary. As such, a bottle of citron or original vodka is indispensable to a home bartender. Right now The Whiskey Place has standard 750ML bottles of Grey Goose vodka for just $30.39.

With regard to vodka, Mr. Zimmerman recommends that the home entertainer keep at least one bottle of premium spirits to accommodate the taste of his guests, adding that “Vodka can be enjoyed as easily in the warm months as in the cold.”

Depending on one’s mood, dark and light liquors can be consumed at different times and in different ways. Fine bourbon, such as Jack Daniels whiskey, is relaxing and soothing, and can be drunk on the rocks, neat, or mixed with soda. Vodka mixes better with juices and light-colored sodas; it is more versatile as a cocktail ingredient.

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