Four Ways to Prove ROI on Customer Experience Improvement

Customer Experience Consultancy MCorp Publishes “Proving ROI on Customer Experience” White Paper Focused on How Making Customers Happier Can Drive Bottom-Line Results.

San Francisco, CA, September 10, 2011 --( Customer experience consultancy MCorp announced today that it has published a new white paper entitled “Proving ROI on Customer Experience.”

Customer experience has become more important to competitive success across all industries, fueling the need to invest more in customer experience management. Yet without a framework for assessing ROI, the ability to build the business case for improvement is hindered. This white paper provides executives considering customer experience improvement with a series of tools and a common vocabulary they can use to rationalize and monitor customer experience investments.

“We’ve drawn on our experience developing and implementing customer experience strategies for clients ranging from fast-growth market leaders to the Fortune 100,” said Michael Hinshaw, President of MCorp Consulting. “As more and more companies seek to leverage customer experience management as a strategy to differentiate their brands, the imperative to validate and prioritize investments has increased dramatically.”

The Proving ROI on Customer Experience white paper outlines a step-by-step approach to assessing ROI across four major customer experience lenses, focused on the ways that customer experience can help companies to:

1. Boost Loyalty: Increase retention, reduce churn, and drive positive word-of-mouth.
2. Reduce Service Delivery Costs: Migrate touchpoints to digital channels, eliminate redundant touchpoints or programs, and rethink service design to streamline experience delivery.
3. Speed Movement Through Your Customer Lifecycle: Get more of the right customers more quickly, and remove dissatisfiers to speed movement to customer loyalty and advocacy.
4. Increase Customer Value: Increase Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) by reducing acquisition cost, increasing share-of-wallet and boosting re-purchase.

According to the white paper, “ROI on improvements to customer experience can be elusive. Oftentimes, the discipline and data required to measure and understand what works is short-cut, and investments are made without a clear understanding of return. That’s why assessment is so critical. By looking at experience through the lens of ROI, organizations have the tools to reach the consensus needed to drive the top-down initiatives critical for creating customer experience change.”

The Proving ROI on Customer Experience white paper is available for download by visiting

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