Ideatalent LLC Releases "Team2Manage Software for Managers" to Manage Team Performance, Tasks, Events and Day-to-Day Details

Fairfax, VA, September 12, 2011 --( IdeaTalent LLC has released "Team2Manage Software for Managers" that can be used to manage a team's assessment related information, events, tasks and profiles. Using encrypted storage on their PCs, a manager can record ongoing assessment related comments that can be used for annual assessments. Managers can also store tasks (with due dates) for team members and manage upcoming and overdue tasks. Storing team member’s profiles, resumes, birthdays, vacation dates, training dates etc can simplify the daily tasks associated with managing a team.

A trial version is free to download from All of the data is stored on the PC in a password protected and encrypted environment. Password protection and encrypted storage allows managers to securely store personal comments about team members that no one else can access. Upcoming tasks and events show in a dynamic queue for managers to keep an eye on due dates and planning on contingencies.

The following are common benefits by managers who use our software: - 1) Avoid struggling to find comments for team members at annual assessments - save details on an ongoing basis. 2) Avoid forgetting what upcoming tasks are assigned to which team members and due dates. 3) Avoid mismanagement of upcoming events like training, birthdays, vacations etc. 4) Avoid security issues by storing all information encrypted and password protected on your PC for each team member. 5) Avoid scrambling for profiles / resumes / skill set of team members by saving it in here.

"This encrypted personal repository of ongoing assessments, tasks and other team member’s details provides Managers with a powerful tool to manage a team and to attend to the mundane tasks associated with management. We encourage people to try the trial version themselves and see the improvement in their team management skills,” said Mr. Amitabh Bansal, Founder of IdeaTalent.

About IdeaTalent LLC.
IdeaTalent provides data tracking software and solutions for day-to-day activities for individual and businesses.. Founded in 2008 by an IIT graduate with over 15 years of Information Technology experience, Mr. Amitabh Bansal, the company’s mission is to help people manage information from day-to-day activities. The company is headquartered in Fairfax, VA. For more information, please visit

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