Ideatalent LLC Releases "Team2Manage Software for Managers" to Manage Team Performance, Tasks, Events and Day-to-Day Details

IdeaTalent LLC has released "Team2Manage Software for Managers" that can be used to manage a team's assessment related information, events, tasks and profiles. Using encrypted storage on their PCs, a manager can record ongoing assessment related comments that can be used for annual... - September 12, 2011

IdeaTalent LLC Releases Version 3.0 of Its Data Tracking Apps with Features Like Encrypted Storage, Password Protection, User-Defined Data Workflows and To-do Lists

IdeaTalent LLC has released version 3.0 of its Data Tracking Apps software that allows users to setup their own data workflows to manage progression along a data lifecycle for health records, home maintenance records, car servicing records, travel, passwords, sales leads, marketing, debt, exercise, friends, stocks, jobs, retirement accounts, kids activities, journalist activity, weekly tasks and 10 custom data templates. - May 27, 2010

IdeaTalent LLC Releases an Online Platform for Web Users to Co-Create Data Tracking Software for Day-to-Day Activities

IdeaTalent LLC has released an online platform that provides an easy to use interface to record information that is generated from day-to-day activities. This platform allows users to create a new application in minutes for any custom data that they want to track, while providing a growing list of... - May 17, 2008

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