MedEdu LLC Releases Free Blood Pressure Training Website

MedEdu, LLC ( has launched a free blood pressure training web site. This includes a guide for taking blood pressure and a patient simulator with virtual cuff, Korotkoff Sounds and sphygmomanometer. Users can also practice taking blood pressure on pediatric patients, where NIH tables are used as part of hypertension screening.

Boston, MA, September 12, 2011 --( MedEdu, LLC ( has launched a free blood pressure training center on its web site. Users are presented with instructions for taking blood pressure, followed by access to an interactive blood pressure simulator. Users can operate a virtual blood pressure cuff, listen to Korotkoff sounds and view a mercury or aneroid sphygmomanometer.

Several courses that feature blood pressure assessment are also part of this blood pressure learning center. Courses include:

1) Drills for assessing blood pressure in children using NIH blood pressure charts.
2) Case studies that incorporate multiple clinical observations and lab tests.
3) Case studies for hypertension management.

In addition to the blood pressure learning center, the web site ( offers a comprehensive collection of auscultation courses as well as a heart and lung sounds library.

MedEdu, LLC
Henry Blair