A New Website Simplifies the Task of Converting PDF Documents to CBZ Documents with a Free Online Tool

A new service, pdf-to-cbz.net, allows users to convert a PDF document to CBZ documents (zipped comic book) through a simple web interface, free of charge.

Paris, France, September 13, 2011 --(PR.com)-- For those who have ever had the issue of a PDF document that needs to be converted to a CBZ document to be read with a comic book reader, without actually paying for it or installing anything – a solution is now available.

A new service, pdf-to-cbz.net, has been launched and allows users to convert a PDF to CBZ through a simple web interface, free of charge.

Users can select a PDF to convert through the online interface. Then, pressing "Convert PDF to CBZ" will upload and convert the document and the resulting converted document will be downloaded or opened in the user's favorite comic book reader.

All the uploaded documents, as well as the resulting CBZ file, are removed after they have been downloaded, or within a given time limit in the rare case when they are not downloaded.

Philippe Bernard