National Board of Collection Attorneys Aiming to Fill Marketing Niche for Collection Attorneys and Law Firms

The National Board of Collection Attorneys is an entirely new opportunity that can fill a marketing gap for collection attorneys and law firm collectors. Working in conjunction with the established credit industry associations, law lists and other certification programs, NBCA certification provides a fresh and comprehensive method to improve law firm visibility.

Chicago, IL, September 14, 2011 --( Becoming NBCA Board Certified, collection attorneys as well as law firm debt collectors, who become certified through the NBCA certification program can not only to display the "board certified" NBCA seal on their website but promote the ethical standards for which it stands. The recognition garnered by becoming an NBCA board certified collection attorney or debt collector will help to provide prospective collection clients with the additional confidence in law firms to move forward with the utilization of their legal collection services. It also represents a firm's commitment to excellence, in correlation with dedication and determination in improving the craft and branding as a collection attorney or law firm debt collector.

The competition associated with Creditors' Rights Law or Collection Law has grown tremendously over the past few years. It is incumbent upon a collection attorney or legal practitioner to elevate their current and future opportunities to establish solid business relationships with prospective clients (i.e., creditors, collection agencies) and to further establish a networking base with other outstanding collection law firms. The prestige of becoming an NBCA board certified collection attorney can help attain these goals.

In conjunction with being NBCA Board Certified, membership in major credit industry associations provide another component in reaching a firm's marketing goal. The Commercial Law League of America, National Association of Retail Collection Attorneys, Commercial Collection Agency Association, International Association of Commercial Collectors and American Board of Certification all offer publications, networking meetings and conferences and continuing education. Additionally, joining a law list adds a different element which allows these publishers to promote a law firm directly to those clients who seek the services of collection attorneys. Subscribing to industry newsletters such as Inside ARM, Credit Today. Attorneys' Life Magazine and many others will keep any credit professional informed. Any practice or business that wishes to maintain a strong market presence also needs to have a solid web site that is easily found and navigated. All these elements combined and working in unison will offer a collection attorney or law firm collector a myriad of benefits.

About the NBCA - The National Board of Collection Attorneys, Inc. (NBCA) serves the attorneys who practice Creditors' Rights Law or Collection Law and the debt collectors that they employ. NBCA promotes a best practices platform for United States based collection attorneys and their debt collectors through their board certification program which requires that attorney and debt collector members adhere to and comply with their ethics and moral practices policy and terms and conditions as set forth and monitored by the Advisory Board. Visit or call 1-800-915-9480 to learn more about the National Board of Collection Attorneys today.

NBCA credentials may be used as an indication of professional membership in NBCA, but will not allow any member to be titled or use the term "specialist" as an individual or engage in any use of the terms, "specialty" or "specialization" regarding NBCA's certification whatsoever. Certification by NBCA only allows members to represent themselves as one who possesses a current certification granted by the National Board of Collection Attorneys, Incorporated.

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