Chief Publicist of Philadelphia Based PR firm, Amira Shiraz, Inc. Releases First Book on Branding

Amira Shiraz of ASI, releases a fun, quick read focused on personal branding and elevating personal success. While most companies commit to a branding plan how can you propel your own success by creating one as well? This read shows you how.

Philadelphia, PA, September 15, 2011 --( Being Me: A Guide to Branding Myself Everyday by Amira Shiraz is a self-help guide for high school and college students that teaches how to market and brand themselves, and the “do’s and don’ts” of personal presentation that could result in lost opportunities. By taking a creative and practical approach, Amira Shiraz demystifies personal branding in a world where technological advancement can make or break the general perception of one’s personal brand. This interactive how-to book teaches the basics of personal branding in an accessible, easy to understand manner, Amira’s guide elevates her mantra “Branding Myself Everyday (B.ME!)” into a codified set of principles that will help change students’ lives.

Inspired by her nephew’s journey through the recruitment process as a top high school athlete, as well as her client background that includes professional athletes and entertainers, she has crafted a step-by-step method for developing a precise image- and how to follow through on it. Each chapter provides a building block in brand and image development, complete with overviews, examples, quotes, interactive exercises and games to keep readers engaged. Using her unique, kinetic writing style to punctuate the information with style and intention, Amira provides all the information necessary to begin the image transformation needed for future success.

At the inception of creating the personal branding training program, B.ME!, Amira identified a void in the educational market and has appropriately addressed this void as it relates to preparing our youth for success through smart and careful use of tools like Blogs, as well as video and social media avenues like YouTube, Twitter and Facebook. When asked to describe herself within the 140 character restriction that we have become familiar with via Twitter, she responded with “An entrepreneur and international speaker on personal branding and PR, I dedicate my energy to helping young people change their lives.”

Being Me: A Guide to Branding Myself Everyday is available at in print and electronic formats.

About the Author
Amira Shiraz is the branding visionary and owner of ASI. A former model in the fashion industry, she is an entrepreneur and international speaker on personal branding and public awareness with a clientele that includes athletes, artists, small businesses, non-profits, and entertainment professionals both domestically and internationally. A diverse background in writing, strategic planning, and traditional approaches to developing publicity and awareness allows her to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary with smooth execution, professionalism, and understanding of branding and how it relates to marketing and securing endorsements.

Amira currently resides with her family in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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