Todayter Makes the New York Dating Scene

Todayter ( has just launched its latest version after a year long development and testing phase.

New York, NY, September 15, 2011 --( Todayter is a new social/dating hybrid website geared towards young individuals with a mindset towards online socializing, but who also want to go beyond the online world and meet people in real life.

The internet has revolutionized the American dating scene, with specialized sites making it painless for anyone to seek, meet, discover, or reject potential soul mates, all without even having to leave the house, let alone shower and put on a clean shirt. But with over 20 million registered users registered on other popular dating sites, the odds of finding a true love online are astronomically low.

Just as it is with more traditional methods of attracting a mate, with online dating sites it’s all about playing the game. This same strategy is used on every dating site, and results can be spotty, to put it politely, and can get old fast. Todayter aims at addressing these issues head on, focusing on the New York city community.

Todayter is different from the scores of other social and dating websites because they focus on important features that are missing. They take the shallow, empty experience of communicating online and make it real by encouraging people to meet and get to know one another in real life, instead of over the web. Todayter has incorporated a "Register a Date" function into the site so that it provides a small level of security. Sometimes it can be difficult for people to trust someone they don't know, and emailing back and forth endlessly doesn't address those concerns at all. In fact, just the opposite. A user may feel like they've gotten to "know" that person through email, but really they haven't gotten to know them at all. The only way to do that is by meeting someone in person.

While dating is certainly a focus, it isn't the only goal. The attractive thing about Todayter is that it provides the opportunity to immediately meet new people in the area, and includes important features absent from other dating sites.

The “Available Tonight” advertise and search feature unique to Todayter allows users to let others know that they are readily available to go out tonight, and lets the user search for others who are looking to go out as well. By including this option, it allows the user to cut right to the chase if they are looking to meet up or go out that same night, even if it is just as a friendly meetup.

Another unique feature to Todayter, also offers the ability to rate how a user's meeting or date went. Based on a series of 10 questions, the user rates (and is rated) based on behavior on the date. Their scores are averaged and is showcased on their profile as their “Datability Score.” This offers a level of responsibility not before seen in a dating site.

These are just some of the features that make Todayter stand out above other sites, and make it a truly unique social experience. Most of all, Todayter gives people the opportunity to meet new people who live in their area, search for people willing to meet up the same night (or later if they wish), while still providing a sense of accountability for how well they present themselves in real life.

Todayter can be found on the web at:

Matt Bramowicz