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Questica Issues Its' Latest Whitepaper: Free the Mind - Turning Budget Preparation Into a Force for Good

Budgeting can be a useful management tool that helps an organization to achieve its goals, or just a collection of financial data that is regarded as an irrelevant but necessary evil.

Burlington, Canada, September 15, 2011 --( Drawing upon his thirty year career in managerial computing, Michael Newsome, a senior consultant at Questica discusses some of his budgeting experiences and the major hurdles that can still seriously compromise the effectiveness of your budget process.

An excerpt from the whitepaper:

"Often we are assailed in film, book, and TV with the message that the accumulation of money is neither the only, nor the best measure of success. We are reminded that, if we spend wisely and in the best interests of our fellow man, the spending of money can be a virtue.

"With the prospect of months of budget juggling upon us, often the numbers can seem strangely detached from the activities that they represent. Our efforts are dominated by the mechanics and the deadline, rather than the objective of producing a budget that makes sense. Too often the spending our budgets project can be more about good luck than good management.

"In this paper we talk about ways in which we can escape the tyranny of the process and its deadlines and turn budget preparation into a force for good."

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