OrangeHRM and VHC Advance Thailand Introduce Cloud-Based HRMS solutions in Thailand

OrangeHRM and VHC Advance partner to introduce an affordable HR solution to the Thai market. The solution is based on OrangeHRM Live which is an advanced version of its open-source version. The alliance will cater to enhanced support and services locally to OrangeHRM users in Thailand. The partners will be holding a grand product launch to build market awareness of the cloud-based HRIS.

Bangkok, Thailand, September 16, 2011 --( OrangeHRM, the world’s most popular open source HR solution announced its strategic coalition with VHC Advance, the leader in IT Consultation and HC Products in Bangkok, Thailand.

OrangeHRM has been receiving many requests from Thai users but with the cultural difference and language barrier OrangeHRM was unable to cater to them. They brought VHC Advance on-board as a local partner in order to serve Thai customers with a quality HRIS and implementation under the standard localized culture.

Through this partnership, clients in Thailand will be given the freedom of on-site support and services, thus ensuring optimized use of the OrangeHRM application.

As the first phase of the alliance, a product launch of OrangeHRM as a cloud-based HRM solution in the country will be held at the SMEs Thailand Expo 2011 from the 22nd to the 25 of September 2011. The event will showcase the capabilities OrangeHRM can bring into the Thailand. While live demonstrations of the product will be done in Thai. The event will educate on the benefits a cloud-based HRIS solution will bring.

Speaking to OrangeHRM Co-founder and CEO Sujee Saparamadu, he said, “This is a great opportunity for us to open doors to our clients in Thailand. Our alliance with a growing IT and business consultation organization like VHC Advance, OrangeHRM is able to diversify its user community,” furthermore Sujee added, “VHC has a renowned track record in HR consultancy hence enabling the clients in Thailand to craft a affordable localized HRIS.”

"As VHC Advance is a leader in IT consultancy and development of organizations in Thailand and aim to be the leader in ASEAN, we hope to provide one of the most essential elements for growing organizations which is HR development. VHC’s expertise in the sectors will help clients deploy a range of solutions to the organization. By partnering with a leading HRIS solution like OrangHRM, we will be able to better serve the needs of our clients as they seek to integrate these processes into a customized HR system," explained Mr. Veerajak Jaroenleenava, CEO of VHC Advance.

According to research by both OrangeHRM and VHC Advance, a considerable number of local clients have requested the kind of solution that this alliance will bring to the market. During 2011 OrangeHRM has been constantly enhancing its modules with more features while increasing its usability improvements received from the global community user base. A rare approach which has proven to be successful for creating a great HR solution.

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