iSOCO Believes That the Semantic Web Will be the Key to Competitiveness in Companies

The IT firm underlines the need to learn to manage the volume of information currently offered by the Internet with the aim of offering differentiating online experiences to clients

Barcelonat, Spain, September 16, 2011 --( The new challenge for companies in digital transformation will be to efficiently handle the large quantity of data that now flows though the Internet. In this context of information overload, the Semantic Web can become their great ally, as the participants in "The Intelligent Web, today's experiences of the future Internet" conference all agreed. The event was organised by iSOCO and the public enterprise, the Navarre European Business and Innovation Centre (CEIN).

The Telefónica R&D user profiling manager, Richard Benjamins and the head of digital media for the firm Kukuxumusu, Ramón Arellano, participated in the event, explaining to those attending how the Semantic Web has contributed to optimising their companies' relationships with the Internet, thereby improving their competitiveness and innovation levels.

In this regard, Richard Benjamins, in his talk on "Open Innovation: collaborate with your ecosystem to innovate efficiently," described his experience with the Ideas Bank project, for which Telefónica placed its trust in the technology developed by iSOCO. This technology consists of a platform that enables all of the company's employees to contribute ideas and proposals, and a year from its creation it has already inspired seven research projects with a total budget of over 1.2 million euros.

Kukuxumusu's experience with the Semantic Web focuses on its online shop's relationship with its customers. Since late 2010 the Navarre illustration firm's online shop has utilised an intelligent sales assistant developed by iSOCO which helps customers quickly find the product they are looking for. It was a successful venture which, Ramón Arellano acknowledges, enables them to gain a better understanding of their customers through the analysis of thousands of requests that the shop assistant has received since it was launched.

A leader in semantic technology and artificial intelligence, iSOCO focuses on optimising Internet use and perfecting monitoring tools to gain a better understanding of what is said about a company on the Web.

"The Internet is part of our present and a key part of our future. Managing it efficiently, not only to handle the existing information, but also to optimise it in our favour and thereby improve our competitiveness; this is possible today thanks to the Semantic Web," says the iSOCO general manager, Javier Aróstegui. "Taking advantage of the benefits of this new technology will be essential if a company wants to improve its position in the digital race."

The conference was organised by iSOCO within the framework of the Digital Response project promoted by the Navarrese Government and coordinated by the CEIN with the aim of favouring the incorporation of information and communication technologies (ICTs) in the region's companies, improving the training of ICT professionals and boosting the competitiveness of the industry.

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