ICS Changes Industry Approach to Print-on-Demand

Controls Software Setup & Consumer Messaging, Buys Output at Best Price

Lansing, MI, September 16, 2011 --(PR.com)-- ICS’s unique approach to Print-on-Demand (PoD) helps marketers save costs and improve results from one-to-one customized printed communications.

“We’ve identified a gap in how this technology is applied in the marketing field which led us to invest in the latest PoD software,” Kevin Harlow, SVP Marketing & Sales at ICS, said.

According to Harlow, most IGEN owners use PoD tools more for short-run printing and not for reaching the technology’s full capabilities in terms of marketing strategy.

“Few companies have the technical strength to truly leverage the one-to-one capabilities. This requires a deep understanding of both the technology and the marketing application. Unfortunately, most IGEN owners are printers and have limited technical aptitude and depth in metric-driven marketing.

“So, our approach lets us leverage the full potential of PoD technology for a true one-to-one communication, focusing on how advanced one-to-one marketing can improve targeted marketing response rates. Combining our technical expertise with a significant investment in the latest software, we can completely manage the setup with clients. Then, use our network of preferred PoD suppliers to take our ‘print-ready’ output file into production at the most cost effective price,” Harlow said.

A sampling of ICS’s print-on-demand clients includes Toyota, Lexus and Scion for end of lease/financial contract communications.

About ICS
As integrated, direct marketing experts, ICS:
- Finds & converts clients’ best sales leads
- Integrates online & offline marketing
- Enhances Customer Communication Relevancy
- Reduces marketing costs & management time
- Measures & Optimizes marketing efforts &
- Proves increased sales

ICS offers eight primary service and product areas:

- MarketSmart Technology Suite (Web-based marketing portals and systems)
- Digital Services (SEM, SEO, Web Analytics, Paid Search/Pay-Per-Click, Online Ad Placement)
- Email Marketing
- Data Cleansing
- Analytics
- List Strategy and List Management
- Production Services and Creative Services

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