JobSquared’s Fresh Approach to Searching for Job Opportunities offers a new approach to solving the unemployment problem so prevalent today. Instead of just focusing on the many job listings that are available, it integrates relationship networking, vital job search training, personalization tools and systematic organization, resulting in job seekers that can rapidly personalize many more resumes and increase their visibility to employers in order to grab new job opportunities before less informed job seekers.

New York, NY, September 17, 2011 --( has entered the mostly repetitive market of services for job seekers by filling an important gap in the marketplace. Unlike other sites, it doesn’t focus on its millions of job listings (though it certainly has those), it instead focuses on networking and relationships. The site has put together a powerful and unique toolset that enables people to sell themselves more effectively and efficiently so as to get hired more quickly. Refreshingly, the company stands behind its product by offering a “Confidence Guarantee” that you will get hired within six months.

Benjamin Vivo-Wachter of Park Hudson International, a recruiter with more than 15 years experience in the industry, says that “Job Squared is poised to be the root of all my hires, it is a service that truly understands the delicate interplay between job seekers and employers. Job Squared seamlessly integrates the needs of all the parties involved. It is hands down the most efficient, user friendly service available. It was about time somebody created a product like this.”

Looking for work is a sales process, but most job seekers don’t realize it. The site’s online training teaches you vital sales techniques and tactics on how to best prepare and sell yourself when networking for a job search. The system even includes phone script and elevator pitch fields for initiating communications with each of your contacts (and keeping track of these interactions for later).

In an environment where companies get thousands of resumes in a few hours in response to the availability of a position, they look for the candidate whose experience most closely mirrors their needs. For a job seeker this means personalization, with each resume submitted being slightly different from the rest because it focuses on just the right subset of their skills and experience to appeal to the position at hand.

JobSquared has addressed this need by creating a unique on-the-fly professional resume creation tool, combined with a sophisticated tracking system that ensures that you come off looking like a professional. It is a mammoth task to keep track of all the details and differences in resumes and conversations you have had over time, to make sure you don’t fumble when an opportunity presents itself, but JobSquared accomplishes the task with incredible clarity and ease of use.

The system integrated everything from your personal e-mail, contacts, calendars, tasks and even social networks, to generating personalized professional resumes on-the-fly. In addition, it pulls together jobs from all the Internet’s major job boards and corporate web sites, integrates a unique relationship management system and organizes it all in a very easy to use Web 2.0 interface. When you look at the comprehensiveness of the site, you wonder why no one thought of it before.

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About JobSquared
JobSquared was founded in 2009 by a group of professionals who were frustrated by job sites that were lacking in tools for the user because their revenue was generated by employers and advertisers. In addition, each new career tool on the Internet was a focused on a single feature making it difficult for job seekers to become more effective. So in 2009 they set out to build a cutting edge fully integrated and unified system for both job searches and managing your career over the long term.

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