ZeroDesktop Now Offers Free ZeroPC Personal Virtual Desktop in the Cloud

ZeroPC Service Expands Globally Featuring Up to 15GB of Free Cloud Storage to Manage, Access and Unify All of Your Personal Cloud Storage & Content in One Convenient Place

San Mateo, CA, September 16, 2011 --( ZeroDesktop™, Inc., a leading developer of fully-featured public and private cloud computing solutions, today announced a new “Freemium” plan for its ZeroPC ( personal desktop in the cloud, providing worldwide consumers with 1GB of free cloud storage, plus integrated access to up to an additional free 14GB from popular cloud storage services, for a total of up to 15GB of free combined storage. A pay-as-you-go ZeroPC plan, starting at $1 per month, is also available for power-users who require up to 50GB of storage and expanded features. Existing ZeroPC users may continue to use their pay-as-you-go account or open a new Freemium account without a credit card or subscription fees.

“In the cloud computing era, people are moving increasing amounts of their personal content to the cloud, but it is becoming scattered across multiple sites and devices. This is creating user confusion and difficulty in being able to access their content whenever and wherever they want,” said Young Song, CEO of ZeroDesktop. “ZeroPC provides a paradigm shift from traditional PCs where the content is stored on local hard drives, to a secure, cloud-based virtual desktop where we help users manage, access and unify all of their personal cloud content into a single place. Since beginning the beta-stage in April 2011, we have received a wealth of feedback from the ZeroPC community of personal cloud service users, and are continuing to add more valuable features. In emerging countries where hardware resources are limited, ZeroPC provides the lowest cost of computing per user. We are now positioned to help worldwide consumers unscatter and unify their digital content from multiple devices and services.”

ZeroPC is the easiest way to unify, access and manage your personal cloud content
ZeroPC is different from a storage company because it provides users with a truly integrated social Web desktop experience. Users can “see” all of their content using ZeroPC regardless of where the content resides on their local computer, in popular Web storage services, in social media sites, or in ZeroPC cloud storage. ZeroPC’s all-in-one content management hub aggregates and unifies all of the user’s documents, emails, photos, music, videos, and social media content. Users enjoy the ease and flexibility of finding, managing, accessing and sharing all of their content from a single site with a single ZeroPC login, without needing to learn and remember multiple user interfaces and passwords.

· ZeroPC gives users a familiar fully-featured desktop environment in the cloud for achieving a comfortable user experience. Using any Web browser (IE, Firefox, Chrome or Safari on a PC or Mac), ZeroPC creates a fully-functional workspace environment enabling users to easily and securely create, access and share combinations of digital content - multiple folders, multiple files, sticky notes - with anyone, anywhere and for any duration using a single URL.

· It is fast and easy to start using ZeroPC. After setting up an account using any browser and an email, Facebook or Google login, users can use ZeroPC’s Accounts Manager to seamlessly connect to popular cloud services and automatically begin consolidating and accessing their content in popular social media sites and Web storage services directly from ZeroPC.

· ZeroPC is fully integrated with popular cloud services including, DropBox, Evernote, Facebook, Flickr, Google Docs, Instagram, Picassa, SugarSync, Twitter and with the user’s own local computer storage. Familiar ‘drag & drop’ processes facilitate copying and pasting content from one service to another without opening separate browsers. With a few simple clicks, users can select any file or folder and securely share the content with anyone or publish it to their Facebook or Twitter accounts using ZeroPC. Integration with Google Docs enables users to create, edit and access all of their Google Docs content directly from ZeroPC.

· ZeroPC includes a personal cloud “storage analyzer” that provides users with an instant view of their current usage per storage service provider. Users can simply drag and drop their content to manage between services through ZeroPC’s familiar interface.

· A rich suite of Web apps and native apps ranging from productivity tools, collaboration and social networks are included in ZeroPC. ThinkFree, a built-in productivity tool provides users with a complete Microsoft Office-equivalent productivity suite to easily create, open, view and edit their files using any Web browser.

ZeroPC Expands Personal Cloud Service Worldwide
To meet the increasing requirements for delivering the ZeroPC service to worldwide consumers, ZeroDesktop announces that it has expanded its service operation with new high-quality servers hosted by Amazon Web Services in Japan to address the Asia region, and in Ireland for the Europe and Africa regions. The new service regions join ZeroPC presence in North America and Singapore.

About ZeroDesktop, Inc.
Headquartered in San Mateo, CA, ZeroDesktop, Inc. is a global provider of Web Desktop solutions that change the way users share their digital content with friends, family and colleagues. ZeroPC ( is a revolutionary cloud content management user interface that turns any browser into a PC and empowers consumers, schools and business users to unify all of their digital content from local PCs and Internet sites into one secure repository. ZeroPC provides the most comprehensive and functional Web desktop in the cloud with its rich combination of supported Web apps and native apps ranging from productivity tools and collaboration to social networks. Consumers, education and business users can join the ZeroPC Community today by becoming a fan on Facebook at and following @ZeroDesktop on Twitter at!/zerodesktop.

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