Virima Announces the Release of EcosystemManager 2.1

Virima Technologies, Inc. is announcing the general availability of Version 2.1 of EcosystemManager, Virima's patent-pending software tool that accelerates Data Center Transformation through automation, social discovery, and superior program management.

Atlanta, GA, September 17, 2011 --( Virima Technologies, Inc. today announced the release of EcosystemManagerTM 2.1 (EM 2.1), a quarterly update to the first and only IT operations management software solution built upon an autonomic computing platform. EcosystemManager was designed to accelerate data center transformation projects while lowering costs and reducing risk. The EM 2.1 release brings added features to DCXpressTM, the integrated Data Center Program Management module.

Using value chain mapping with topology views and linking assets to business processes, EcosystemManager provides visibility into the IT universe. Behind the scenes, task and workflow management automate daily activities. EcosystemManager’s DCXpress module brings project planning, program management, status updates and tracking of move groups, issues, risks and actions. The DCXpress module is also a powerful tool to manage routine IT operations such as audit and compliance projects.

The EM 2.1 release includes these additions to the features of the DCXpress module:

· Ability to create multiple data center move programs with associated projects which simplifies and organizes large programs
· Enhanced Phase Gate features to automate project phases
· Ability to create projects from pre-defined templates

“As we continue to add functionality and modules to EcosystemManager, it is positioned to be the go-to product to accelerate data center transformation. It is a comprehensive, configurable IT ecosystem database and Data Center Project /Program Management product,” said Palaniswamy ‘Raj’ Rajan, Chairman and CEO of Virima Technologies. “Coupled with our professional services, it delivers the trifecta of saving customers money while providing reduced risk and faster project completion.”

In addition to the DCXpress improvements, EM 2.1 offers improved data validation, an enhanced autonomic discovery engine, the ability to archive or merge entities, and functionality for generating printouts of EM data.

"While working with our clients, we saw a growing need for automated program management around large scale data center transformation projects,” said Karun Rajasekharan, Virima’s Chief Product Officer. “The scope of these projects can be so cumbersome that the old school method of using spreadsheets to track projects is no longer a feasible solution, and in fact, hampers the success of such projects. We added the DCXpress program management tool in our EM 2.0 release in June and continue to add to the functionality of that module.”

For more information about EcosystemManager 2.1 and the DCXpress module, please visit Virima’s website ( or call 404-969-4180 (option 1).

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An innovator in accelerated Data Center Transformations and IT Operations, Virima Technologies provides leading-edge solutions that align an organization's IT operations with its business strategy. Its technology-enabled data center consolidation and optimization services leverage the world’s first autonomic and intelligent IT Operations Automation software suite that enables organizations to peer deep into the enterprise IT ecosystem to dramatically improve IT-Business alignment, performance, change management and governance. By providing unprecedented visibility through detailed monitoring and advanced analytics, Virima solutions turn IT information into actionable intelligence, resulting in risk management gains and faster project completion that can return significant savings.

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