LocalBox Helping Communities Recover from Natural Disasters

New York, NY, September 18, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Online community networking site, LocalBox.com is proving to be a tremendous resource for communities who are recovering from the aftermath of a natural disaster. With their focus being bringing neighbors and local businesses together, LocalBox has been a valuable source of information for communities affected by recent weather catastrophes.

Recent weather events have propelled LocalBox.com into the spotlight due to their ability to connect local communities in a time of crisis. Being prepared for an emergency is of paramount importance when a natural disaster takes place causing devastating damage to a community and its residents. By utilizing Localbox.com and posting, what you can provide or what you need, LocalBox will make connections between people who need assistance and those who can provide assistance through products, material, labor etc. Neighbors helping neighbors is what drives LocalBox and being able to connect communities when it is needed most is what community building is all about.

Rebuilding your community after a natural disaster is a daunting task and LocalBox.com provides an avenue to connect with your neighbors and begin the rebuilding and clean up process. Posting to the site allows you to organize community events such as work parties, hauling crews, assistance for the elderly and disabled and much more. Through Localbox.com, community alerts can be posted to inform neighbors of the efforts being undertaken to clean up their communities and the alerts can be posted free of charge.

There is no shortage of online information about emergency preparedness. Having a well-stocked emergency kit containing food, water, batteries and other essentials is very important to have for your home, your office and for school. Localbox.com, in the event of an emergency, will be available to connect communities to those who have additional emergency kits for their neighbors or who want to organize the community before a disaster occurs, with essential emergency preparedness information. A strong community will overcome a disaster when and if it occurs and having an online community networking site like LocalBox.com is critical for communities when a natural disaster occurs.

For more information, visit your LocalBox site at http://www.localblox.com

About LocalBlox

LocalBlox is a highly innovative local community networking site that serves 60 thousand of neighborhoods throughout the US and allows users to add additional areas. LocalBlox.com is building safe neighborhoods and strong local communities by connecting neighbors and neighborhoods.


Sabira Arefin