iTraceRT-MVT: Gyro Based System for Multi Vehicle Tracking to Test Automotive Driver Assistance Systems by Automated Driving

St. Ingbert, Germany, September 19, 2011 --( iMAR GmbH, a leading German manufacturer of inertial measuring systems for navigation, stabilization, surveying, guidance and control, being designed for defence, surveying, automotive and industrial applications, launched its latest generation of miniaturized precise fiber optic gyro based systems of type iTraceRT-MVT to a German automotive customer. The systems are linked together via wireless communication and provide position accuracy also under dynamic environment and partial satellite coverage in the centimetre range. The provided software package including coordinate transformation and online display of several vehicles at each mobile and static station assists the operator in performing his tests with high efficiency. Tests on several test tracks showed the leading performance of iTraceRT-MVT (multi vehicle tracking). The system can be easily connected to the known driving robots to realize an “Automated Driving” environment.

Key features are the high position, velocity and angle performance, high data rate, precise time referencing / synchronization, data storage and open interfaces like Ethernet, RS422, CAN. The system supports GPS, GLONASS and is prepared for GALILEO. The system is fully qualified to MIL-STD-810F and MIL-STD-416E to assure operation in rugged environment. The system iTraceRT-MVT does not require any export license and can be used worldwide.

iMAR Navigation, based in St. Ingbert, Germany, where it has its headquarters, development center, environmental and mo­tion test labs and production site (45 engineers and techni­cians), has extensive experience in conception, development, production and maintenance of inertial measuring and naviga­tion systems destined to a wide range of standard and special applications in various fields like defense, surveying, stabiliza­tion, guidance and control. iMAR is certified to ISO9001 and EN9100. With its EASA Part21 G certification iMAR is enabled to manufacture components and systems for aviation.

Francis Pillon