Independence from Drugs: Foundation for a Drug-Free South Helping Hispanics

September 16 marks the Day of Independence in Mexico. Much like America’s July 4th celebration, the people of Mexico celebrate the time they won their liberty from Spain.

Nashville, TN, September 19, 2011 --( In Nashville, members of the Hispanic community attend Fiesta Patrias, which literally means “Party of the Homeland.” The event is hosted by the Metros Soccer Club, and includes among its sponsors the Foundation for a Drug-Free South, a non-profit which educates youth and adults alike on the hazards of drugs.

“We are proud to join in Mexico’s Independence celebration,” says Brian Fesler, coordinator for the Drug-Free South, “this event is about liberation – the Mexican people were liberated in the 1800s and now it time we focus on liberating people from drugs.”

The Foundation for a Drug-Free South is a regional chapter of the national non-profit Foundation for a Drug Free World. It participated in Fiesta Patrias last year, where volunteers passed out The Truth About Drugs, informational pamphlets which explain how drugs affect a person on the short and long term, their street names and what dealers will tell their victims.

“The Foundation is dedicated to helping liberate people from the scourge of drugs. We will go to any event to spread the word,” says Fesler.

To find out more information about Fiesta Patrias, visit, and for information about the Foundation for a Drug-Free South or to order The Truth About Drugs booklets, visit

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Julianne Brinker