EditCopyProof Revolutionizes Traditional Copywriting and Online Marketing Industries by Teaching Spiritual Entrepreneurs How to Write with Heart

Using a unique combination of traditional copywriting and spiritual business practices, Charlon Bobo of EditCopyProof releases a guide and hands-on workbook to teach evolutionary entrepreneurs how to write copy that resonates with their heart-based market.

Santa Cruz, CA, September 21, 2011 --(PR.com)-- President of EditCopyProof, Charlon Bobo, today announced the official launch of an innovative program that empowers spiritual entrepreneurs with the skill of developing heart-based marketing content for real-world results.

Known as the “conscious copywriter,” Bobo serves a worldwide clientele of business owners who simultaneously focus on service and sales. As more and more business owners integrate personal and spiritual beliefs into their businesses, fresh and innovative copywriting is a necessity.

Using simple language and step-by-step guidance, Bobo skillfully uses her expertise in copywriting and online marketing to teach business owners how to powerfully engage their ideal market, establish credibility, and ultimately, increase sales. Money-Making Copywriting Essentials for Spiritual Entrepreneurs is available as an ecologically-responsible instant download. The 44-page guide and 58-page hands-on companion workbook is easy to assimilate and immediately apply to any copywriting project. It is written in simple, inspiring language.

In a recent article on Forbes online, author Brett Nelson said, “I see an increased respect for the role of the entrepreneur in our culture, one that has put entrepreneurs almost on a pedestal, as the pioneers of change in the world.”

Bobo says, “The new spiritual business owner is a pioneer. As a movement, we are the evolutionaries, permanently shifting how business is conducted. And as a leader on the forefront of the new business paradigm, now is the time to share this knowledge and teach entrepreneurs this new skill. In coming years, it will be essential. Whether you’re creating web content, brochures, sales letters, articles, blog posts or press releases, the emphasis on resonating with spirit-based readers must be a top priority, and it requires a shift in thinking. Most spiritual business owners serve a spirit-based market. And that audience simply doesn’t respond to traditional copywriting and marketing methods that emphasize lack, pain and limitation.”

For more information and a $20 credit until September 23rd, visit SpiritualCopywritingEssentials.com

Charlon Bobo