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John Paul DeJoria, Founder and CEO of Paul Mitchell Systems and Patron Spirits, Describes Why Eco- and People-Friendly Businesses Are Smart Businesses on The CEO TV Show

Ridgefield, CT, September 21, 2011 --( In this episode of The CEO TV Show, John Paul DeJoria, founder and CEO of both Paul Mitchell Systems and Patron Spirits describes his view about technology and innovation to Robert Reiss, host of the Show.

DeJoria says, "Technology leads to producing the best product possible. But in doing that, it can also be used to ensure the process itself is both eco-friendly and people-friendly. So at both Paul Mitchell Systems and Patron Spirit we make sure that technology is designed not just for issues of productivity. So technology is at the heart of sustainability," DeJoria explains.

DeJoria also explains his views on the role of innovation: "The essence of innovation is to figure out how to do things better, or find holes in the market for products and/or processes that would improve our daily lives. Figuring out how to add quality to products or processes always improves markets and our standard of living."

Asked to describe how he combines technology and innovation in his view of building a better planet, DeJoria remarks, "Everything - absolutely everything - can be built in an eco-friendly and people-friendly way. So that's what we look for with our products. It doesn't necessarily have to cost more either. And if you provide customers with better products that are also produced in a friendly way, people will buy more of your products and our planet will benefit. There's no reason why that shouldn't be our focus."

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