Talent Keepers' 7 Drivers of Co-Worker Engagement: How Different Are Employees’ Preferences?

TalentKeepers announces the release of their ground-breaking solution, The Co-worker Engagement Tool, which allows organizations to support co-worker relationships and enable better teamwork in order to increase bottom line results.

Winter Park, FL, September 22, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Research proves co-workers play a significant role in enhancing employee engagement. TalentKeepers is excited to announce the release of the Co-worker Engagement Tool. It supports the development of co-worker interactions and their effect on employee engagement. It's a quick and easy way to help all employees engage each other. It is more than a personality survey; it is a set of tools that help build awareness of co-worker preferences for many important aspects of work.

The way employees communicate and motivate others is important when working as a team or when working together on a project. Co-workers’ reactions can support or weaken relationships at work. Co-workers are more satisfied when their behaviors are received in a positive and accepting way. Naturally employees are more positive and accepting of co-workers’ behaviors when their preferences are similar. When they are different, it requires more effort and understanding to respond positively. Successful co-worker engagement is dependent on how well one is able to understand and act on co-workers’ preferences. The best teams are those that are diverse and work smarter together. It's more than just reaching co-workers- it can play an important part of building awareness and driving results.

“HR Executives are typically tasked with uncovering key factors that influence employee engagement and reporting their findings back to the Executive Team,” explains Christopher Mulligan, CEO of TalentKeepers. “Many times organizations gather data just from anonymous engagement or satisfaction surveys; however when Human Resources also listen to the voice of co-workers, learn their preferences, and understand how they can work smarter together, buy-in increases for initiatives that require attention because senior leaders value a broader perspective.”

The Co-worker Engagement Tool includes a short, non-anonymous survey that co-workers answer about him/herself and real-time individual and aggregate reports. These reports help co-workers conduct one-on-one meetings to discuss similarities and differences as well as learn how they will work more effectively together. TalentKeepers’ Co-worker Engagement Tool is unique because it is the only employee engagement tool focusing solely on the interactions and experiences of co-workers, one of the most important pieces of the employee engagement puzzle.

“Asking employees to share their work preferences creates an open, supportive environment,” says Mulligan. “Understanding a co-worker’s style is helpful so that others can appreciate the reasons why an individual approaches certain situations. Understanding a co-worker’s preferences for certain types of tasks and work activities are helpful when distributing tasks on a group project so that individuals can leverage their strengths and do things they most enjoy.”

The Co-worker Engagement Tool is available now. For more information, or to obtain access to the tool, please contact Kerri Weber at kweber@talentkeepers.com.

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