RAP4's Muzzle Brakes - Improve Your Performance, and Stand Out from the Crowd

San Jose, CA, September 22, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Real Action Paintball is proud to be your number one source for muzzle brakes that improve performance and complete your marker's look. From submachine gun style brakes to "dissuader" -style brakes, from old school bird cage brakes to the newest AKM-style brakes, RAP4 is proud to offer paintballers the most thorough line of dynamic, dramatic muzzle brakes in paintball.

RAP4's muzzle brakes are threaded to interface with their 1" diameter Recon barrels, to offer customers true interchangeability - thread on the Soundwave Muzzle Brake to complete the look on the AK-inspired marker. When it's time to go CQB, players can thread on the SOCOM Silencer or GemTech Silencer and get the look of a true tactical operator.

RAP4 engineers are proud of their selection on offer at www.rap4.com, which includes muzzle brakes from three of the most popular military arms: the classic M4 Birdcage, the MP5 Muzzle Brake that reproduces the aesthetics of the MP5K PDWs, and the Flare muzzle brake that elegantly reproduces the brake found on many of the latest AKM rifles.

Players looking to make a statement on the field - one that can be heard, as well as seen - can swap out their current muzzle brake and get styling with the Noveske Sound Amplifier.

Sure, it looks like a silencer...but it's a loudener.

A loudener tuned to give your marker a machinegun-like resonance, unlike any other marker at the field. When you want them to know you're coming...When you need your saw to sound much like the real squad automatic weapon...When you have to use sound as a tool, you need the Noveske Sound Amplifier. But that's just one of the 37 muzzle brakes and thread-on accessories available from RAP4.

Muzzle brakes improve players barrel's performance by encouraging the air escaping ahead of the ball to disperse sideways, rather than creating turbulence right in front of the muzzle. They also protect the crown of the muzzle from damage - if anything nicks, mars, or bends the opening edge of the muzzle, the paint can be knocked off course or even burst right there. RAP4's muzzle brakes take that abuse, protecting the barrel...and making sure your shots stay on target.

Whatever the look, RAP4 has a muzzle brake, silencer, or even the Noveske Sound Amplifier, that's perfect for the scenario player. Improve performance, and stand out from the crowd.

Real Action Paintball
Pete Rauholt