Grooming New Entrepreneurs

The Center for Ethics in Free Enterprise (CEFE) releases its newest free eBook Guerilla Entrepreneurship: The Original authored by Dr. Fred DiUlus.

Washington, DC, September 22, 2011 --( The Center for Ethics in Free Enterprise, CEFE, announced today the release of its newest free eBook on Entrepreneurship, Guerilla Entrepreneurship: The Original. This is the 15th version written by Dr. Fred DiUlus, a noted online education expert and entrepreneur who traces his own roots in entrepreneurship back 130 years.

As a founding Director and a Senior Fellow at CEFE, Dr. DiUlus first wrote the eBook as a college Entrepreneurship course supplemental text. Using it as an aid to new venture development, students found the book indispensable in developing real income producing enterprises while still in college. The eBook has evolved over the years to become one of the required training aids for CEFE’s School of Entrepreneurship, an online training school where graduates can become Certified CEFE Fellows in Entrepreneurship.

First published in 1997, the free eBook has been revised and updated annually by DiUlus in order to keep up with the exploding domestic and international opportunities for entrepreneurs. The current version of the eBook is particularly timely as the severe economic downturn in the national economy and the global financial turmoil brings the USA perilously close to a double-dip recession.

Dr. DiUlus calls the eBook a toolbox of entrepreneurial "do’s". “An entrepreneur’s greatest time,” he goes on, “is when everyone else is too frightened or frozen in place to strike out on their own, while entrepreneurs will make an investment of their time, talent and treasure to undertake a new venture. Wall Street calls this the Contrarian Theory and for entrepreneurs, economic downturns are a call to action.”

Emerging entrepreneurs, states DiUlus, who are prepared for failure will save a lot of angst down the road if indeed failure follows them. Being prepared for the possibility, they will use their failure as a symbolic learning tool and not be afraid to start over again. The eBook offers readers the latest information on how to discover if they are entrepreneurial, and if so, how to use their time and proven personal talent to assure their ventures may be successful.

“Entrepreneurs,” DiUlus says, “are not created by studying a textbook or listening to lectures but require a healthy dose of hands on learning as well.” Readers of the first chapter, he offers, will bring them face to face with the reality of whether they are entrepreneurs or not, regardless of their education or what they study.

Guerilla Entrepreneurship: The Original may be acquired through the Center for Ethics in Free Enterprise and several other agencies.

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