Leading Women’s Success Coach Brings Expertise to LA and TX

Dr. Vidushi Babber opens success coaching services to assist women in professional and personal development.

Lake Charles, LA, September 23, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Renowned physician, educator and coach, Dr. Vidushi Babber, announces the opening of her success coaching services in the Lake Charles and SE Texas market. Dr. Babber is an experienced and licensed psychiatrist who has helped hundreds of professional women find success in both their personal and business lives. She is recognized for providing women with the education, guidance and strategies necessary to achieve work-life balance.

“For women who are in search of both personal and career coaching services, the process of finding an experienced professional in both the medical and coaching fields – without the stigma of seeing a therapist, can be confusing and difficult,” stated Dr. Babber. “My goal is to get rid of that stigma and provide professional women with the self-care strategies necessary to transform their lives for success and win from within.”

Dr. Babber’s services are based on free-style coaching with the premise being to utilize her services on an as-needed basis. She offers a free 50-minute introductory session to all clients with bundled session packages also available.

Named as one of America's Top Psychiatrists in 2007 and having received a Patient's Choice Award from 2008-2010, Dr. Babber is highly requested for conferences, quoted in newspapers and frequently interviewed on radio and television. She has also co-authored A Healthier You featuring Deepak Chopra and Billy Blanks and Rising to the Top with Les Brown, Patricia Ball and Jim Rohn.

Most recently, she was a featured speaker at the American Medical Womens Association Congress in DC and the One Woman National Conference in the Houston area.

Dr. Babber’s services include success coaching sessions and speaking opportunities. Visit her website at www.prncoach.com or call 800-PRN-9906 for more information.


About Dr. Vidushi Babber

Dr. Vidushi Babber is passionate about helping professional women enhance their lives by empowering them with the strategies needed to live the lives they wish to live and win from within. Dr. Babber is a medical doctor and author with expertise in psychiatry and a degree in psychology. Her NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) certification and skills in Emotional Freedom Techniques have enriched her ability to offer her clients even quicker results. She provides confidential coaching to a variety of women professionals including executives, CEOs and entrepreneurs. As an invited guest speaker for national medical and business conferences, Dr. Babber's presentations have received excellent audience feedback resulting in more speaking and coaching/training requests.
Vidushi Babber