Aisling Industries Passes On-Site Audit and FAI from Cobham Composites and Raytheon

El Centro, CA, September 23, 2011 --( El-Centro, California based Electronics Manufacturing specialist Aisling Industries has recently announced that they have passed First Article Inspections from Cobham Composites and Raytheon based on the AS9102 Aerospace Standard for quality control in the manufacture of products for the aerospace industry.

Aisling Industries received auditors from Raytheon and Cobham Composites to monitor First Article Inspections of their internal processes as prescribed within AS9102. During this inspection it was ascertained by the inspectors from Raytheon and Cobham Composites that Aisling Industries had met all the requirements of the standard.

First Article Inspection involves comparing a part that has been produced in-house by the company’s employees against the design blueprints outlined by the auditor. The sample part tends to be one of the first parts made within a tooling or manufacturing setup, which is why the inspection process is termed first-article inspection.

Inspection companies will measure each part against the dimensions set out within the supplied blueprint. They then compile a list of which dimensions have been met by the company undergoing the audit and which have not. For simple parts, this list is usually very small and includes only a few dimensions. However for the more complex parts, such as those produced by Aisling Industries, the dimensions list utilized within an FAI audit is comprised of 65 characteristics.

As a leading-class partner to military organizations, Aisling Industries has become known as a trusted ally, offering expertise in component construction to companies within the military field. By continuing to meet the standards of leading organizations such as Raytheon and Cobham Composites, the company retains their role as an Electronics Manufacturing Specialist.

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