Sunchoice Corporate Housing Reducing Pricing on Their Orlando Accommodation

Tampa, FL, September 23, 2011 --( Accommodations specialists Sunchoice Corporate Housing has recently announced that they have reduced the monthly cost of staying within their world-class Orlando corporate housing suites. The company currently offer clientele access to over 80 available communities across the State of Florida, each designed to cater to specific type of clientele.

In America today, it is extremely common for companies to send their workers across the country on an assignment. As companies continue to spread across the country and utilize office spaces in different states, they often require their workers to spend months away from their home town so that employees can work on high-value projects within a close distance to client offices. When making the move, it’s imperative for these workers to have the services of accommodations finding specialists such as Sunchoice Corporate Housing.

Sunchoice currently offers many great furnished corporate housing suites within Orlando, which is a city that offers wide variety to entertainment and amenities for every type of visitor. For those who are moving to the city with their family as part of a corporate relocation program, the company offers some of the most reputable and exciting entertainment facilities anywhere in North America such as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and SeaWorld.

By stepping ahead of their market competitors and once again reducing their rates on their corporate housing suites, accommodations specialist Sunchoice Corporate Housing continues to leverage their industry expertise to exceed client expectations, and position themselves as the top provider within the corporate housing field.

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