Real Estate Gets Techie

Lawn Sign Marketing Gets High Tech.

Hartford, CT, September 23, 2011 --(, the fastest growing online marketplace of For-Sale-By-Owner or “FSBO” (pronounced “Fizzbo”) properties, announces new developments to lawn sign marketing through QR technology. is determined to push the envelope by staying abreast of the latest technological advances when it comes to marketing for-sale-by-owner real estate. Staying true to this, the company announced today that it has modified its existing lawn signs to incorporate new QR technology.

QR or “Quick Response” technology works similar to the traditional UPC barcode; however, QR codes provide many more options. By scanning the square code with ones’ smartphone, a user is able to directly pull up the specific information on a property, while standing in front of it. Traditionally, a prospective buyer would need to leave and later call the homeowner to find out simple property details. Not any longer.

“All new and existing lawn signs will incorporate this QR technology,” states Eric Amodio, founder and CEO. “We are very excited to lead the pack with this move” remarks Amodio. The company has received glowing feedback by customers after initial tests of the QR implementation and is eager to continue with new developments.

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