Novatein Biosciences
Novatein Biosciences

NovaTeinBio Introduces New Line of ELISA Kits to Product Catalogue

Cambridge, MA, September 25, 2011 --( Biological reagents provider NovaTeinBio has recently announced that they have expanded their product catalogue to include a wider range of ELISA kits for laboratory testing applications.

The company’s product catalogue now features the Human Dopamine DA ELISA kits, which can be utilized by clients for vitro quantitative determination of human dopamine, DA concentrations within certain cellular cultures, supernates, serum, plasma and other biological fluids. Their new product line-up increases their catalogue of available ELISA, which offers the ideal complement to their collection of over 350 types of antibodies for laboratory testing.

Biomedical providers such as NovaTeinBio play an essential role in helping research companies to conduct their laboratory work. Without such companies, it would take medical research organizations far longer to develop vaccines and cures for known diseases. NovaTeinBio has taken their place at the forefront of this industry thanks to their ability to meet their clients precise requirements when it comes to increasing their in-house testing speeds through services such as protein expression and optimization,

As we enter into an exciting new era of potential drug discovery, companies such as NovaTeinBio are set to play a key role in streamlining the way in which biomedical testing is conducted in facilities around the globe. The future cure of the world’s most virulent strains of disease will likely be formed by researchers using testing solutions provided by such companies.

With the new additions to their product catalogue, NovaTeinBio continues to ensure that their clients have access to better testing solutions for more qualitative results.

Bo Guo