Healthy Living Reducing Cost of Detoxification Products from September 15 Through October 15, 2011

Orem, UT, September 26, 2011 --( Health food specialist, Healthy Living has recently announced that they are now offering industry-low pricing and free shipping on certain auto-ship orders from customers selecting from their range of first-class health food and detoxification products from September 15 through October 15. This offer is open to any customers ordering from the continental United States and allows shoppers to select from among the many fine products within the company’s online catalogue.

Within the company’s online selection, shoppers will find their 8-day Cleanse detoxification product, which is said to offer better levels of cleansing than is possible with a 40-day water fasting cleanse. The company’s catalogue also includes hundreds of other similar products, each designed to help support a healthy, energetic lifestyle.

As Americans around the country search for ways in which to revitalize their health and get back that energetic glow they once had, specialist solutions provider such as Healthy Living are bringing first-class products to the market that offer clientele a way to clinch back their healthy lifestyle. These products are designed to provide customers with access to the core nutrients that is not being provided by today’s fast-paced world of processed food products.

In addition to offering access to the company’s large inventory of cutting-edge solutions, the company’s website also offers a whole host of information related to the world of healthy living and nutrient dense food. On the site, visitors will find out about the latest trends within the field and learn about new techniques and products that are transforming the way people think about holistic health. With the guidance of leaders in the field such as Healthy Living, Americans across the country now have access to trusted, specialist advice and leading industry products to help them manage a busy lifestyle while remaining health conscious.

Healthy Living
Kent Hinkson