6400 Heroes Worldwide Make the Oktoberfest in Munich Carbon Neutral

Munich, Germany, September 27, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The Oktoberfest 2011 will be carbon neutral. 6,400 volunteers worldwide will make this possible by going on the Low Carbon Diet. “Climate and environmental protection must be fun, easy, and cool! This campaign shows how,” says Izai Amorim, also known as Mr. Cool Ness, the campaign’s initiator.

The Oktoberfest is held annually in Munich from late September to the first weekend in October. In 2011 it will run from September 17th to October 3rd. Mr Cool Ness: “Every year 6.4 million people produce about 6,400 tons of carbon emission (long-distance transport not included) in the two weeks of festivities. If only one in every thousand visitors goes on the Low Carbon Diet, it will make the whole event carbon neutral!”

The low carbon diet in two languages: English and German

The Low Carbon Diet is free of charge. Participants have only to visit the site oktoberfestheroes.com, register, and reduce their carbon emissions by about one ton in six months: http://www.oktoberfestheroes.com.

Anyone, anywhere, can go on the Low Carbon Diet and make a difference – worldwide. Because any carbon emission reduction helps stabilize the planet’s climate independently of where it occurs. Based on this principle, there is no need to restrict participation to Oktoberfest visitors only.

The Low Carbon Diet is a personal diet with social impact. It is ideal for those who want to do something about climate change without losing quality of life. Mr Cool Ness supports and motivates the participants. The diet plan covers the fields of nutrition, mobility, and living & working.

Supporters wanted: Now and in the next years

The Low Carbon Diet was already tested in Munich last spring in a project together with the Jesuit church St. Michael. The “Lenten Carbon Fast” campaign was a great success.

The Oktoberfest is a good venue to bring the subject carbon emission to a broader public. 6.4 million people attend this mega event and many more get information related to it. Izai Amorim: “We can get a lot of people involved and show them that emission reduction is a meaningful, fun, and easy thing to do. First inspiring them, then showing them how to do it and, last but not least, supporting them along the way.”

The “6,400 Oktoberfest Heroes” campaign is a long-term project, says Mr. Cool Ness: “We need about half a year to offset the Oktoberfest 2011. After that we begin planning for 2012. We have a lot of good ideas to make it really big in the next years.” Support from sponsors and media is highly welcome – anytime, from anywhere.

About Mr. Cool Ness
Mr Cool Ness / Izai Amorim is Brazilian from Salvador in the state of Bahia, a beautiful coastal city threatened by climate change. His goal is to elevate sustainable behaviour and environmental protection to a coolness status, something people will voluntarily and eagerly want to do. Climate and environmental protection must be fun, easy, and cool. That's why he named his company Certified coolness.

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