Jawoco Academia Gets Upgraded with Research Database

Jawoco Search Engine is taking the search to the next level when it comes to Research paper databases.

Staten Island, NY, September 27, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Recently, Jawoco has upgraded its database of research papers, where it will index websites live from research paper based websites, which will give the ability to show links of valid research papers in more relevant way.

This technology of Jawoco's, works differently from other search engines. It enables users to search the research papers database website externally without using time based crawler instead uses Linker-crawler, which links the database immediately when a search is made in Academia tab. This Linker Technology by Jawoco is used only for Academia Search.

Jawoco will be adding major research based companies, which have free databases, where users can easily search papers online also that with the social recommend feature.

This feature is now rolling out in patches, as the upgrade will be done in a series timeline; along with this, Jawoco is planning to accept research papers in a simple HTML form in order to index them and show in the search engine. Second patch will release this weekend, starting 30th September 2011.

Sheikh Imran
+92 300 339 4030