New Work-Life Balance Book Promises to Turn Working Moms Into “Supermoms”

Can smart, ambitious moms have it all? A rewarding career and a rich, joyous family and personal life? The answer is a resounding, "Yes!" New parenting book, "Harmony of the Spheres" by Farzanna Haffizulla, M.D. teaches you how to do it and to lead a happier and more balanced life along the way. With practical advice and poignant storytelling, Farzanna helps working moms manage the demands of a career and the quirks of being a dedicated parent.

Coral Springs, FL, September 28, 2011 --( There’s nothing more impressive than a savvy working mom tackling the demands of a high-flying career and keeping a nurtured, happy household. But it’s not easy. Just ask Sarah Jessica Parker’s character in "I Don't Know How She Does It," a new film about one woman’s quest to find the perfect balance between work and family. Balance is the Holy Grail coveted by millions of career women holding down a job and the home front. A recent study from the American Sociological Association has found that working mothers succeed in having a fulfilling career and family life— being "supermoms"— when achieving balance rather than perfection, which can often lead to stress and disappointment.

A new book by Farzanna S. Haffizulla, M.D., "Harmony of the Spheres - Career, Family, and Community: A Working Mom’s Lessons of Love, Strength, and Balance" (September 2011, $9.99 e-book, $39.95 color paperback; available on, and sets out to prove that women can be real supermoms when they take a more harmonious approach to career, family, as well as community life.

Recounting poignant stories and practical lessons from her childhood in Trinidad, her years through grueling medical training in the U.S., her struggles as a young mother, and later the terrifying thrill of launching her own private practice, House Calls MD— Dr. Haffizulla speaks from the heart. Over the past 15 years, she has created a thriving career and has been a devoted wife and the loving mother of four. With moving sincerity, she shares vignettes of her personal struggles and achievements in the hope of inspiring other ambitious moms to forge their own paths to success.

"I’ve been able to have a thriving professional career, while always making sure my family is the center of my life. My goal is to share what I’ve learned over the years— from my own strategies and techniques learned from being a mom, and from the discussions I’ve had with friends and family," she says.

The central metaphor of the book is harmony— harmony and balance of the spheres, work, family, and community. Dr. Haffizulla draws from her experience as a shy, young girl who would one day find her voice and true calling in medicine, her family’s journey to emigrate to the U.S., her trials as an ardent, young medical school student and resident struggling to meet rotation demands— all while tackling several pregnancies— and juggling the day-to-day of being a busy mom.

Her message resonates: working moms can achieve their professional and personal goals by yoking and harnessing their own inner strengths as parents. "I want to share how I’ve achieved harmony among these 'spheres' and devoted myself to a more fruitful and satisfying life as a result."

"Harmony of the Spheres" helps working moms do the following:

1. Establish a personal work-life balance plan through a series of self-reflections;

2. Rev up your career by drawing on your strengths as a parent; deal with the stress of workplace discrimination and negotiate flexible work arrangements with your employer; cultivate work passions;

3. Create family bonding experiences with activities and traditions; manage childcare, disciplinary issues, and household chores like a pro; nurture a strong marriage with your "Partner in Parenting," and tactfully set boundaries and personal space;

4. Form crucial support networks and figure out the values most important to you and your family;

5. Juggle work, family, community activities and responsibilities with grace creating lifelong memories of joy, gratitude, and civic pride.

Dr. Haffizulla lives in Coral Springs, Florida with her husband and four children. Along with House Calls MD, she runs a parenting website, Busy Mom MD (, which offers additional tips, advice, and strategies for maintaining a healthy, happy, and well-balanced family life. For inquiries - contact

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