CT REIA Announces October 2011 Weekend Investing Seminar on Negotiating Strategies for Real Estate Investors

On October 1, 2011, the Connecticut Real Estate Investors Association (CT REIA) will be hosting a weekend seminar with Don DeRosa in Meriden, CT. Attendees of this seminar will learn strategies for negotiating deals.

West Hartford, CT, September 28, 2011 --(PR.com)-- The Connecticut Real Estate Investors Association, or CT REIA, in association with Don DeRosa is announcing a new weekend seminar for real estate investors on October 1, 2011. This meeting will take place from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm at the Four Points Sheraton, located at 275 Research Parkway in Meriden, CT. All attendees will receive a free added bonus: deal structuring online course (6 hours). This bonus will help attendees take leads and figure out how to make a deal out of them, combining buying and exit strategies.

Attendees of this seminar will learn: five things every negotiator must know to be successful; how to prescreen a seller to find out what they really want, and what they really need; why building rapport is so important - and how to do it; why attendees should always ask for more than they expect to get; why attendees never want a "yes" on the first offer; how to effectively overcome objections; how to know exactly what to offer before meeting the seller; how to creatively structure deals so both sides win; how to set up the competition so the buyer wants to work with you; and much more.

Don DeRosa is a real estate investor, author, teacher, coach and national speaker. Don has trained thousands of new and experienced investors to build wealth in real estate using the same techniques that helped him build his fortune, particularly buying with owner financing, using private money, creatively structuring deals and selling quickly in any market. Don was singled out among the top 21 real estate investors in the U.S. and Canada and was featured in The New York Times best-selling book The Millionaire Real Estate Investor. He has bought and sold well over 250 properties in his investing career and is currently buying 1 to 2 properties per month. This has given him the expertise and experience to train students on everything from finding owner finance purchase opportunities, to finding and negotiating successfully with sellers, analyzing deals, creating equity through short selling, finding private money to fund deals, quickly selling properties and collecting profits on each deal.

CT REIA is an organization that provides motivation, networking opportunities, and up-to-date education for people who want to buy their own home or investment property. Each month nationally recognized real estate investing trainers hold seminars at CT REIA. Real estate professionals, investors, landlords, property managers, realtors, contractors, wholesalers, rehabbers, and the general public are invited to attend our meetings. For more information on this and other real estate investing seminars from CT REIA, please call (860) 265-4414 or visit www.ctreia.com .

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