Celebrate Halloween with Kid-Friendly Activities in New Craft eBook

Crafting Brings Families Together and Helps Children Explore Their Creativity

Northbrook, IL, September 28, 2011 --(PR.com)-- It’s no secret that crafting provides a multitude of benefits for children. From developing motor skills to boosting confidence to sparking creativity, there are many ways that crafts help kids grow and thrive. According the nationally renowned Cooks Children's Medical Center, "simple crafts and handmade projects provide both short and long term benefits to a child's emotional, social, spiritual and cognitive development."

However, there is another, often over-looked, benefit of crafting: the opportunity it provides for family bonding. According to Cto heri Sterman, director of child development and consumer relationships at Crayola, allowing children to express their creativity with parents looking on is a great way to strengthen the parent-child relationship.

“All [parents] have to do is provide their children with a creative crafting experience, where the children have an opportunity to put their own thoughts and feelings down on paper,” said Sterman. “It creates a wonderful connection between a parent and a child when a parent has that window into the child’s mind.”

Furthermore, crafts provide an active way to keep kids entertained and engaged, as opposed to staring at a screen. “Crafts serve as an alternative to video games and DVDs, moving them into a different area where they can watch their children discover and refine their own personal creative skills,” said Brian Cornell, former CEO of Michaels Stores.

Parents seem to recognize the benefit of crafting as a family. According to a recent Michaels survey, more than 88 percent of responders said they would like to find more activities that bring their families together.

To help with this request, the editors of AllFreeHolidayCrafts.com have compiled a collection of 8 fun Halloween activities, perfect for parents and children to work on together in advance of the holiday. Included in the free 8 Halloween Kids Craft Ideas eBook are projects featuring kids’ favorite Halloween themes such as spiders, ghosts, witches and more.

To download your personal copy of 8 Halloween Kids Craft Ideas for Free, please visit: http://www.allfreeholidaycrafts.com/Halloween-Crafts-for-Kids/8-Halloween-Kids-Craft-Ideas-Celebrate-With-These-Fun-Halloween-Activities-eBook.

For additional information on Halloween kids craft ideas or this free Halloween activities eBook, please contact AllFreeHolidayCrafts.com editor Rachel Bernstein.

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