eCondoSystems Releases Its Much Improved CRM Module

eCondoSystems updates its CRM by improving the user interface, making it easier to navigate and more efficient by optimizing much of the behind the scenes processing.

Coral Springs, FL, September 28, 2011 --( eCondoSystems, the industry leader in cloud-based software designed specifically for the multi-family development industry, has consistently provided its users with relevant and useful tools that address their current and future needs. One such example is eCondoSystems' integrated CRM (Client Relationship Management) module. Now, they’ve made it even better, by improving the user interface making it easier to navigate and more efficient by optimizing much of the behind the scenes processing. Their CRM simplifies and automates the tracking and follow-up of a project’s prospects. Some of the features of their CRM include:

- Lead tracking and management
- Auto-responders
- Reminders and alerts
- Real-time dashboard
- Email marketing and tracking

One of the best features of their CRM is that it is included as part of the eCondoSystems platform at no additional cost. Take advantage of this invaluable tool now by contacting eCondoSystems at 954-235-0060 or for more details.

About eCondoSystems
eCondoSystems is the premier developer of cloud-based software specifically tailored to the multi-family development industry. Over the past 10 years, their comprehensive and customizable application has helped countless projects streamline their business and better manage the sales, inventory, contract administration and closing processes. The eCondoSystems application was built with flexibility in mind. To that end, they are able to accommodate virtually any business rule or requirement.

eCondoSystems provides the tools to:

- Track prospects – collect vital demographic information on your leads
- Manage advertising and marketing – identify which campaigns are producing and more importantly which are not
- Integrated CRM – automate follow-up and setup alerts
- Real-time inventory and pricing controls – no more double selling or selling at the wrong price
- Deposit tracking – automatically generates the schedule of deposits based on your requirements
- Contract administration – C.A.’s are able to process more units in less time
- Commission accounting – commissions automatically become due when specific milestones that you define are reached
- Tools to manage the closing process
- Extensive reporting – over 75 reports that present information in real-time

eCondoSystems, LLC.
Carlos A. Alonso