Launch of Free Fundraising Website Announced

The team at is pleased to announce the global launch of its exciting and innovative website, where people can take donors on a personal journey and integrate their sponsorship page easily with social networking sites.

Redding, CA, September 28, 2011 --( is a unique website which rivals established websites charging between 4 and 9 percent for received donations. With a growing number of people turning to the World Wide Web to fundraise, gives users the chance to do so without incurring unwanted costs.

The website also allows users to set up profiles in a few minutes and publicize their cause on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube using integrated sharing tools. The payment system is provided by an inbuilt Paypal application where people can donate securely.

To engage donors, allows user to upload images, videos and links to external websites, as well as post updates and blogs on their page.

Brock Ketcher, CEO and co-founder of, said, “Our goal is to provide a tool that allows people to raise money for causes they care about. First and foremost, we wanted the service to be user-friendly so that anyone can set up a cause.

"We also wanted to provide users with the ability to share their causes with their friends easily. This helps get more people involved in charitable giving, as users are able to engage donors and take them on the journey too. Donors can see where their money is going, which is becoming increasingly important at a time when people want transparency in giving.”

The website can be viewed at:

For further enquiries, please contact: was set up in 2011 to give people looking to be sponsored through a website that is secure, easy to use and takes sponsors on the journey. It is currently operated out of Redding, California, and is on its way to having thousands of users in multiple countries.

Brock Ketcher