The Pitching Bible Hits the Number One Spot on Amazon

The Pitching Bible by Paul Boross has reached the top of Amazon's sales charts for the Business Presentation Skills category.

Birmingham, United Kingdom, September 30, 2011 --( After exactly one year since it was first released, Paul Boross' book "The Pitching Bible" has reached the top of Amazon's sales charts.

"I'm absolutely delighted," says Boross, "It's taken a lot of hard work, from myself and from my publisher, to market the book and it's really paid off."

The Pitching Bible, published by CGW Publishing, captures the author's 25 years of experience in pitching in business and also in the music, stage, television, film and entertainment industries. This week, the book reached the number one position on's business presentation skills category, ahead of such well-established books as Dale Carnegie's "How to Win Friends and Influence People."

Paul Boross is the world's only presentations and pitch specialist, business trainer and life change expert with 25 years of front-line experience of both motivational psychology and high profile work in television, stage, music, comedy and the corporate world. As an internationally acclaimed authority on communications, presentation, performance and pitching skills, Paul has worked with leading business people, politicians and performers on the art and science of 'getting the message across'.

CGW Publishing's Director, Christopher Greenaway, says, "There are a lot of over-hyped methods around for manipulating Amazon's sales ranking system, but the reality is that solid marketing, a genuinely good book and good old fashioned hard work are the real answer, because while it may be easy to get a book into Amazon's sales charts, it's not so easy to keep it there. Paul's book is selling consistently well, thanks both to the quality of the book itself and to Paul's efforts in promoting the book at his many corporate events and speaking engagements."

Boross will once again be delivering a keynote lecture at the MIPCOM television festival in Cannes in October, and his "MIP TIPS" videos can be found on YouTube for anyone planning to visit the festival.

Boross concludes, "I feel that my hard work is finally paying off, and the support that I've had from CGW Publishing has been outstanding. It's been a real partnership, and I'd certainly recommend them, particularly to anyone with a service business. I was struggling to find a way to capture and capitalise on my 25 years of experience, and CGW Publishing definitely helped me to do that in a way that absolutely supports and reinforces the brand that I have put so much effort into. A book, even a business book, is a very special and personal thing, and I'm grateful for everyone who has bought it."

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