Yoritex Inc. Successfully Completes Comprehensive Testing of Its Medical Network HUB® Prototype

Yoritex Inc., developer of the first medical diagnostics accessories for BlackBerry® smartphones, today announced the successful conclusion of its Medical Network HUB® prototype testing. Having successfully completed comprehensive hardware and software testing, Yoritex Inc. will commence manufacture of a pilot batch of Medical Network HUB® in October that accelerates development of its medical plug-in units line.

Toronto, Canada, September 30, 2011 --(PR.com)-- During the eight-week comprehensive test Yoritex Inc. has schematically validated and re-evaluated the Medical Network HUB® prototype and validated the software architecture in the field. All modules, components and business processes of the Medical Network HUB® system were verified and assessed according to system functionality, non-functional and business requirements.

The testing results confirmed the functionality of the device platform. The core of the device is based on the new Freescale medical MCU. During testing, the USB connectivity between Medical Network HUB® and BlackBerry smartphone was verified.

Testers identified a need to enhance the device’s power management, leading Yoritex Inc. to enter into an agreement with Dialog Semiconductor, a provider of highly integrated innovative power management ICs. Dialog Semiconductor’s power management IC offers an energy-optimized solution suitable for portable handheld applications and facilitates the improvement of the technical characteristics of the Medical Network HUB® by Yoritex Inc. Yoritex Inc. and Dialog Semiconductor will now sign a long-term co-operation agreement.

Based on the positive test results, which are within approved according to the company test protocol, Yoritex Inc. is excited to move to the next stage of development. The company is now completing the developing of a medical front-end sub-system, which includes a set of measurement units for direct contact with patients’ bodies. The R&D stage of the newly developed ECG plug-in unit is now complete and design documentation available for manufacturing. Yoritex Inc. is also finalizing the development of major plug-in units that support blood pressure measurement, blood analysis, body temperature measurement and pulse oximetry.

Yoritex Inc. Shareholders have invested significantly in the development of the first mobile medical diagnostic device for Blackberry smartphones, opening new opportunities for its owners. The company has reached spectacular results, and is now inviting investors to place strategic investment that will allow Yoritex Inc. to begin the CE and FDA, certification process as well as commencing the commercialization of its products.

Leon Dain, President and CEO of Yoritex Inc., commented, “Our main goal is to make the Medical Network HUB® premiere in November.”

About Medical Network HUB®
Medical Network HUB® by Yoritex Inc. is the first USB-connected hardware accessory for BlackBerry smartphones, which enables over 50 different medical and non-medical measurements via plug-in units by Yoritex Inc. It provides full mHealth service on real-time transmit data basis.

Medical Network HUB® by Yoritex Inc. solution includes:
• Set of plug-in units for medical and non-medical parameter measurements;
• Independent, self-powered data processing system.

About Yoritex Inc.
Yoritex Inc. (www.yoritex.com) is a private held engineering research & development company located in Toronto, Canada. Its aim is to develop and manufacture mobile medical diagnostic devices. Yoritex' flagship product is the Medical Network HUB®, which is placed on the top of the medical diagnostic accessory product range by Yoritex Inc. for BlackBerry smartphones. From 2010 Yoritex Inc. is a Select Member of the BlackBerry® Alliance Program.

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