Family Law Solicitors Report Rise in the Number of Women Requesting Prenups

Family law solicitors in the UK have seen a rise in the number of women initiating requests for prenuptial agreements, according to a recent survey by find-a-solicitor service, Contact Law.

London, United Kingdom, October 01, 2011 --( Contact Law polled 200 solicitors specialising in family law, and almost two thirds (62%) reported an increase over the past three years in the number of women enquiring about or instigating a prenuptial agreement.

Although in the majority of cases it is still the groom who is the main instigator of the prenup, more than one in five (21%) prenuptial requests or enquiries are now at the behest of the bride-to-be. This demonstrates a shift away from the old-fashioned belief that it is men who are most concerned about protecting their assets.

The survey also revealed that 83% of solicitors questioned have seen a rise in the overall number of enquiries about prenuptial agreements in the last three years. This increasing trend, according to 87% of those surveyed, is fuelled by a rise in the number of celebrities requesting prenuptial agreements.

According to the solicitors polled, there has also been a shift in the age of people requesting prenups, with more than half (55%) stating that couples who approach them for the agreements are getting younger.

Tamara Smith, of Contact Law, comments: “Although it’s traditionally expected that men are the instigators of a prenuptial agreements, our survey shows that women are becoming increasingly aware of the necessity to protect themselves as best they can. Given the current economic climate, we can only assume this awareness is fuelled by the growing popularity of celebrity prenups, and media speculation surrounding these contracts.

“In addition to celebrity culture, the law is looking at prenups more favourably now in the UK than it has done previously. So whilst the agreements are still not binding, they have become much more persuasive.

“Basically, if the prenuptial agreement meets certain criteria, such as financial disclosure, independent legal advice, no undue-influence and so on, then there will have to be a very good reason for the Court not to uphold it. One such good reason is the needs of the financially weaker party - if their needs are not met by the provision of the prenup, then the Court is likely to look beyond it.

“Requesting a prenuptial agreement might be a romance killer following the excitement of an engagement, but couples forget that marriage is a legally binding contract when it comes to division of wealth, and sadly, not all marriages last a lifetime, even if entered into with the best of intentions.

“It is best to consult a family law solicitor as DIY prenups are likely to be flawed. The process will usually involve official valuations of assets and can cost around £2,000, or more if your assets are spread out.”


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1/ The poll of UK-based family law solicitors was carried out in September 2011.

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