Patriot PAY Payroll Software Gives Rhode Island Employers New Option

Rhode Island have a new choice for payroll software: Patriot PAY, offered by Patriot Software, Inc.

Canton, OH, October 02, 2011 --( Employers in Rhode Island have a new option for payroll -- Patriot PAY, online payroll software designed for American small business owners. Developed by Patriot Software, Inc., Patriot PAY is now available for Rhode Island payroll, as well as 23 other states, including Connecticut and Maine.

Anytime, Anywhere Access to Payroll
Unlike traditional off-the-shelf payroll programs, Patriot PAY is a SaaS payroll application that uses the power of the Internet to provide secure access to payroll anytime, anywhere. For Rhode Island business owners, that means that whether they’re working in Newport or Providence or traveling to New York, they can log into Patriot PAY to run their payroll quickly and easily.

Guaranteed Payroll Tax Calculations for Rhode Island Employers
Before a state is blessed for Patriot PAY service, Patriot Software conducts a series of extensive tests to ensure proper calculations. Patriot PAY offers guaranteed accuracy of all payroll tax calculations for Rhode Island business owners. Business owners also don’t have to worry about downloading updates, which are automatic and included in the monthly cost of the software.

Easy to Learn and Use
Customers don’t have to be payroll experts or take a class in order to use Patriot PAY. Patriot PAY is ideal for new businesses looking for a payroll solution or for seasoned business owners looking for a new payroll provider. Help is built-in throughout the software, through payroll tips, training articles and videos, and access to customer support.

TaxBeGone and MY Patriot: Optional Add-Ons
Patriot PAY customers can add on TaxBeGone, the payroll tax filing and deposit service, and say goodbye to payroll tax worries. For TaxBeGone customers, Patriot collects and deposits all required payroll taxes and files all the necessary payroll tax forms, saving business owners time. MY Patriot is an employee self-serve option (ESS) that allows employees to view their paystubs and keep track of their earnings. MY Patriot is a great complement to direct deposit, allowing business owners to have a paperless payroll option.

Payroll Priced to Help Rhode Island Small Businesses
Patriot PAY’s pricing structure offers a great opportunity for business owners to save on payroll costs. Patriot PAY’s month-to-month costs are based on the number of employees in the business, not a one-size-fits-all approach. Patriot PAY also offers no risk to the business owner -- if they’re not satisfied, they can cancel their account anytime with no obligations or hassles.

Patriot Software offers different ways for employers to try out Patriot PAY and compare to their current payroll provider. Business owners can take a free 48-hour test drive of the payroll software on their own or sign up for a guided tour. They can also sign up for a free one-month trial of Patriot PAY at no obligation.

About Patriot Software, Inc.
Patriot Software, Inc., located in Canton, Ohio, helps simplify employee management with online software applications for Payroll and Employee Payroll Taxes. Our online payroll software gives customers freedom to access their business data anytime, anywhere.

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