Telepathx Embedded RFID Sensors Monitor Auto Accidents

Sensor Network Provides Life saving Services

Melbourne, Australia, April 18, 2007 --( Telepathx Ltd announced today that it has successfully developed a wireless reactive (RFID) radio frequency identification sensor that will be used to monitor and locate automobiles that collide into fixed roadside objects potentially saving countless lives by alerting emergency crew within seconds.

The inexpensive (sub $20.00) sensor called Pinpoint ACN (Automobile Crash Notification) said James Eades company founder and CEO was developed at the request of the transport sector early in 2007 on finding a solution to reduce response times for repair crews and emergency care givers when automobiles collide into utility poles, guardrails, barriers and signage.

The development said Eades yielded a one-off disposable reactive sensor that does not require a power to monitor incidents, it will last ten years and it’s small enough to be embedded into fixed wooden or metallic roadside assets.

Once the sensor has been activated it reports precise details such as time, location and very specific asset details instantly over the Telepathx Urban Mesh Network to a supervisor in its network operation center where it is then routed for immediate dispatch.

Knowing exactly when and where an accident has happened will increase the survival rate for victims involved in serious accidents, and this sensor is just another reason why their network platform is getting so much governmental attention at the moment.

Telepathx Ltd is at the forefront of reactive sensor network technology; and they are also leading the effort in developing the world’s first intelligent energy network in Australia where they will also provide community bushfire monitoring services.

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April Sommers