- a Promising New Entry in the Field of Resume Writing in India

Get Set Resumes offers complete application development for candidates, including Resumes, Cover Letters, online Profiles like LinkedIn and even helps them prepare with the help of Tele-Interviews.

Delhi, India, November 10, 2011 --( With the ever growing need for good candidates in the ever growing Indian Job market, GetSetResumes, a service offering from Falcon Minds, has marked its entry in the field of professional training. Primarily focused on Resume Writing, GetSetResumes also provides some niche services like Cover Letter Writing and LinkedIn profile development for candidates looking for new career opportunities. In addition, it also conducts mock tele-interviews to train professionals and college graduates/post-graduates so they are better aware of their weaknesses and better equipped to handle questions in their interviews.

Says Romit, one of the co-founders of Falcon Minds, "The idea behind GetSetResumes was to fill in the gap between what a professional looking for a job change is expecting and what is being served to him/her. Even after charging exorbitantly high prices for resume development, some of the leading portals had failed in gaining the customers' confidence due to lack of attention and poor Quality of Service. We at GetSetResumes offer Resume development, and a complete package to any candidate wanting to succeed in an interview at an affordable price without compromising at all on the quality being provided to them. Customer satisfaction is what drives us. The response has been good so far and we have a happy and more than satisfied client base."

He also adds, "Some of our add-ons are first in the industry. Our interviews are not meant to tell candidates how to answer questions. Rather, we help them understand where they are going wrong and how to prepare or sharpen their weak areas. This helps them as well as the employer where they are heading, as a better candidate means better work!"

Rajat Vashishta