Star Thermoplastics Develops New Thermoplastic Elastomers Line Expressly for Pet Toys

A new thermoplastic elastomer formulated expressly for toy pets and sold under the StarPet line is now available from Star Thermoplastics.

Broadview, IL, October 12, 2011 --( Pet products including toys for cats and dogs are estimated to account for as much as $10 billion* in sales per year. To meet the demands of pet products designers, processors and marketers, Star Thermoplastics has developed a full line of StarPet® thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) to help satisfy the increasing needs for cat and dog toys and other products that have all the features and benefits required by pet owners. These include materials and thus toys that can be molded in the USA which are:

· non-toxic/safe
· long lasting (“bite proof”),
· colorful and easy to mold into a large variety of shapes
· recyclable

The new family of Star StarPet thermoplastics elastomers, available in both small and large quantities, exhibit all the qualities and characteristics sought after by producers and marketers of pet products. Many of the grades have been fully tested in the field and are currently being used by leading pet products manufacturers, testimony to their ability to meet the stringent demands of pet owners. Available in black or natural (or provided in colors of choice by Star), the TPEs are available in a wide range of hardnesses or “softnesses” as required (30 to 65 Shore A), with the materials recyclable as well as safe for pets.

Star Thermoplastics, founded in 1993, is a leading provider of thermoplastic elastomers with many production lines to fill both large and small orders, a full-service rheological and analytical instrumentation laboratory and trained sales and technical support personnel across the continent. Company products are sold under the trade names Starflex, StarPrene, StarMed, StarTuff, StarPet, StarBond, and StarGrip-X. With its newly enhanced rheological and analytical instrumentation laboratories, Star has the ability to duplicate any existing TPE with improved formulations at better prices.

For more information on the new line of StarPet TPEs for pet products, contact Star Thermoplastics, 2121 W. 21st Street, Broadview, IL 60155. Tel: 708-343-1100. Fax: 708-343-1110.

Star Thermoplastics
Leslie Sonne