Unique Firm Launches Programs Aimed at Helping Companies Access a Surprisingly Large Range of Business Solutions

Morrisville, NC, April 20, 2007 --(PR.com)-- Specialist project management firm Crucillium LLC, (pronounced kru-sil'e-um), has announced the launch of a new range of services targeted at the SMB market. The services, which are focused on providing solutions to business projects that have limited funding, will be drawn from the company’s broad range of project management expertise. The company’s aim is to offer its clients complete technology, and other needed business solutions that will fit within their pre-set budgets.

Anthony Nuys, Crucillium’s Program Manager, comments: “All businesses need certain tools to allow them to survive and grow. The difficulty that many of these companies face is that these much-needed items usually cost more than they are able to pay. With Crucillium’s business solutions this constraint does not exist. The services we offer are designed specifically for clients that have numerous needs but can only secure a very small amount of funding to work with. For these companies, based on their pre-set budget, we can build custom solutions that solve their needs while also being low in maintenance.”

Mr. Nuys added: “It was obvious to us that small companies needed a reputable and cost-effective source of consultancy for their changing business needs. We found that the average small business desired everything from the most advanced office technology, to the common desktop stapler. However, in many cases because of the cost, they were unable or unwilling to purchase these items. Simply put, these companies wanted the products they required, but only at prices that they were willing to pay. Imagine for a minute how it would be to name your own price for the things you needed the most. This is what Crucillium delivers!”

When asked what kind of budget restraints typically pass through his office, Mr. Nuys stated: “We usually receive the projects that other solution providers would not consider. Building a wireless network for under $500, printing corporate flyers for under $300 or custom designing a company website for under $600 – projects of this nature would not provide the “bigger” guys with enough profit. However, at Crucillium we look forward to these challenges – and we actively seek to lower our client’s project costs at every stage.”

As an added bonus, Crucillium also provides these “budget conscious” solutions to companies in numerous industries including Financial, Bio-tech and Construction. When asked how they can provide services to such a diverse portfolio of clients, Mr. Nuys states: “Working with tight budgets is the easy part. It actually gets tricky when you have to support numerous industries. So, in order to provide the best solutions we make sure to recruit senior members in each of the industries we support. These individuals, often with over eight years in the specific industry, are carefully selected to lead our projects. There are no “jacks of all trades” at Crucillium!”

To find out more about Crucillium, visit their website at www.crucilllium.com. Alternatively, contact Karen Carter directly for further information.

Karen S. Carter
VP of Corporate Communications
Crucillium LLC
Email: kcarter@crucillium.com

Crucillium LLC
Karen Carter