Houston Tree Expert Says Rainfall Good Start, Not Enough to Save Scorched Trees

Arborist Louis Flory with Ability Tree Experts urges Texas homeowners to continue watering their trees until the state receives consistent heavy rainfall.

Houston, TX, October 14, 2011 --(PR.com)-- Cities in Texas received needed rainfall over the weekend. Over five inches fell in Pearland while the city of Houston recorded three inches, the highest daily rainfall totals recorded in over a year.

Houston tree expert, Louis Flory, owner of Ability Tree Experts (http://www.abilitytrees.com) said this week that despite the heavy downpour, the city is still facing drought conditions.

“This is just the beginning. We need a lot more rain. Houston, for instance, is 22 inches below where it should be in rainfall totals. We need this kind of rain consistently in the next few months just to catch up on our rainfall totals,” he said.

Texas fire and weather experts agree that while the rain was a relief, it was not nearly enough to warrant any celebration.

“It seemed like a lot obviously because we had not had any rain for any extended period of time, it didn’t do us a great deal of good as far as the heat index,” City of Pasadena Fire Marshal, David Brannon said. “We’re still dry and I’m not ready to tell people to bring out the barbecue pits.

“You’re seeing a lot of puddles on the side of roads and so forth, but for the most part, the ground is so dry now it just can’t soak it up yet. We’re definitely not at a point where we say the rain was a great relief,” he added.

Ability Tree Expert’s Flory said the rain made a difference. “You can obviously see the difference the rain has made. You can see that everything is already turning green but more is needed if we are to say we are out of the woods in terms of the drought and high temperatures.”

He urged homeowners to continue watering their trees until rainfall becomes consistent and the state catches up on its rainfall totals.

“This may take a while. Meteorologists are forecasting higher temperatures in the next few days and it will be a problem if we go back to the high temperatures of the past few weeks so homeowners need to continue watering. Trees are still thirsty and need all the help they can get if they are going to survive,” he said.

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