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Financial aid information about online bachelor's degree programs can help students and parents find the resources to meet rising college tuition costs. presents prospective full-time, traditional college students with personalized financial aid information about online bachelor's degree programs.

Reno, NV, April 18, 2007 --( To reduce student loan debt, many students consider financial aid to offset the costs of an online bachelor's degree program., a site offering personalized financial aid information, has resources to help full-time, traditional students afford bachelor's degree programs. The site also gives information about finding and keeping student financial aid and getting relief from existing student loan debt.

Student debt and financial aid can be "intimidating" for students and parents alike, says personal finance expert Francine L. Huff, author of "The 25-Day Money Makeover for Women." "The price of a bachelor's degree has continued to soar and at some private schools, may cost as much as $30,000 a year. But whether students choose to attend an expensive private school, go to a public university, or earn their bachelor's degree online, they need to exhaust all their options for getting as much financial aid as they can to help pay for their education." reports that bachelor degree tuition costs are rising faster than consumer prices and family incomes. In the last ten years, public four-year college tuition rose 38 percent to nearly $13,000 per year, and private tuition rose 28 percent to more than $30,000 per year.

As a result of these rising tuition costs, more students are incurring large student loan debts. A 2005 report on found that, "As grant programs [which do not need to be repaid] fail to match tuition increases, more students are borrowing, and they are borrowing more. Fifty-six percent more of today's students have federal subsidized loans than students 10 years ago. Graduates with loans borrowed an average of $19,300 in 2000, 60 percent more than they did in 1993 after adjusting for inflation."

Students can often cover the costs of an online bachelor's degree with scholarships, loans and other financial aid resources, and offers the information to help them. The site advises: "Stay informed on every aspect of your financial aid so you can make informed decisions about your financial future. ...[M]anaging your money while you're in school will mean less stress and more success down the road." is a top financial aid resource for prospective students interested in a variety of schools and degrees, including online bachelor's degrees. has collected extensive financial aid information for all students seeking higher education. Students and parents can find information by degree level, education format, and other specifications. Information and resources are also available for students seeking to repay their loans.

James Tolles